[adaptivetec] Re: undisclosed email lists with OE

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  • Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 21:01:37 -0800

 final question today?

What are collapsed e- e-mails and why do they show up this way.  Many time the 
list's e-mails show as collapsed.

How do I delete, or  rearrange them?

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  I think what you want is to use the BCC field.  That way, nobody else sees 
who else receives the emails.  

  Normally the BCC field is turned off in outlook express.  To turn it on, open 
a new message, go to the View menu and select the All Headers item.  Outlook 
Express should remember that setting and leave it on for all future emails 
until you turn it off.

  To use the BCC field, tab to it when addressing a message.  Just put all the 
addresses there and no one else will see them.  Some people address the message 
to themselves in the to field, otherwise it looks like the message wasn't sent 
to anybody and some spam blockers will block it.

  You can use the Address book to set up groups, but if you don't know how to 
do that, its too complicated for me to get into right now.  Once the group is 
set up, just use it in the BCC field.


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    Subject: [adaptivetec] undisclosed email lists with OE
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    I need to figure out how to send out emails using the undisclosed list. I 
    use OE. I'm not sure if it can be done with OE, but if so, can someone 
    direct me where to how to create such a list?


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