[adaptivetec] Re: Outlook Express and Compacting

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Dear Judith,
I checked my recycle bin, and I had only two items in it and they were some 
sort of DVD's which I had never received. My daughter's boyfriend was here, and 
he said I had over 6,00 emails in my recycle bin, but I certainly cannot find 
them. He said they should all be there. Could he have meant in my Delete folder 
in Microsoft Outlook? All of those are the increasingly more frequent spam 
offerings I receive daily. They are more than a bother; they are an outrage, 
and there should be a law and penalty against them.
Thanks fo ryour help.

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  I thought that compacting meant making them smaller, as I have done that too. 
 If I'm not mistaken, they may be in your recycle bin, I've found mine there 
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    Dear List,
    I have often received the prompt that I could compact my files to create 
more space, adn I assumed this meant they could be made smaller and could be 
restored if I needed to access them in the future. Today I agreed to compacting 
files and 2,00 of them were deleted from my inbox. They were the most current 
and had not been cataloged. I asked the technology service providerand he said 
that compacting meant exactly that, Compacting as in trash compactor.
    If these files are indeed gone I'll accept it, but I'd like to be certain. 
How would I access them again?  A friennd suggested that they were .dbx files, 
but when I using that file extension in the "search" the files I found were all 
music files. 

    Does anyone know:  Does this mean they are gone?  I'm also told we can 
store up to two gigabytes on our computer in email program.

    Thanks verymuch for any assistance or information.


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