[adaptech] Re: new members welcome

  • From: Adam Macleod <va3aum@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: adaptech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 21:01:38 -0400 (EDT)

Oh nothing much Mathew. I'm new here, just got Shane to join me. He has kindly 
made me a moderator and has given me other priveleeges that we have agreed on. 
I odn't know how to appear as a moderator in a mesage, but I'll work that out 
with him. I'm going to be figuring out how to login to the freelists.org 
manager nad all that good stuff. Anyways, what's up yall? I'm thinking of 
making a Newbies To Linux list, so if any of you want to join, I'll be getting 
that up soon. It will probably be newbies2linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at the 
address, it's got a number 2 in it to look cool, and to make it shorter. If any 
of you wish to subscribe to the list, give me a shout either privately at 
va3aum@xxxxxxxx or via the list. Just a question to administrators, are users 
allowed to post their wishes to join my mailing list, or would you prefer it be 
sent to my private mail box? I suppose it would get annoying for users not 
interested. Yeah, for the sake of annoyance to other users, just send me 
private emails with email address, and I'll subscribe you to my new list once 
it gets up. We'll be talking about linux and what it's like to be a newby and 
we can also talk about anything that has to do with Linux. You should note that 
I will have the right to delete or edit any offensive or offtopic posts to my 
list. I'm not quite sure if I have Shane's permission to do that on his list. 
Maybe you could drop me a note on that Shane. I don't want to be doing things 
I'm not allowed to do on this list, as I'm am not the rightful owner, and I 
wish to respect the wishes of the list owner and it's users. Well, it's a long 
post, so talk to yall later.Chow for now! Adam 
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Matthew Elliff <gowrone@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
what's up adam!
----- Original Message ----- 
Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2003 7:40 AM
Subject: [adaptech] new members welcome

> Dear all list members
> I would like to welcome some new members.
> Adam Macleod
> He runs a linux server whitch bye the way runs my website.
> http://va3duk.va3aum.com
> he also has a website of his own.
> http://va3aum.com
> Anyways, thank you all for joining this list.
> I hope to hear from all the new members.
> Shane
> List administrator.

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