[adaptech] Re: Some questions to get the list thinking!

  • From: "Matthew Elliff" <gowrone@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 12:47:51 -0600

o wow lol. the wineyes control pannel is where all the functions of
window-eyes are. i have no clue how to associate sets. would like to know
though.............. the synth thing, hmm...... i'll probably be more
coherent in a while. i just woke up over here lol.
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Subject: [adaptech] Some questions to get the list thinking!

> Heya you all!
> I've noticed a quiet list so I thought I'd post some questions about
> wineyes.
> These might sound stupid, but they get better!
> I get some of these during support calls and training sessions and emails,
> so hear we go!
> 1. What is the Wineyes control panel, and what is it used for?
> 2. what does the "initialize synthesizer" do in the main wineyes control
> panel?
> 3. How do you associate set files with a program?
> 4. How do you update your window eyes product?
> As I said earlier, some of the above questions I thought were stupid, but
> decided to post some of them for your reading enjoyment and responses.
> Talk to you all later!
> Shane
> List modarator!

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