[adaptech] HEAR'S SOMETHING.

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for those not on the w4tb list, read this and let us know what you think.
happy new year to all!
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Subject: Weird Behavior With Winamp, Real Player and RP Auto-Update

Hi List,

Boy this is a weird one--so as Ricky Ricardo once said to Lucy "'Xplain to
me Lucy!"

I have been running the Tara plugin for quite a while across several
operating systems Win 9X, ME and XP.  I have never seen what I am about to
describe before.  Until today, I was able to play all real audio content
perfectly fine using Winamp.  Today when I clicked on a real media file (all
types) I got the message:

"one or more components to play this type of file are missing on your
system.  To download the proper components, click yes."  I figured this
might be something to do with upgrading to Real One, so I did everything I
could to avoid downloading and installing any new software.  I exited Real
Player's task tray Icon (start center); I took any reference to Real Player
out of the startup dialogue in MS Configuration; I associated and
re-associated the file types in Winamp; I rebooted several times, etc. etc.
etc and nothing worked to eliminate this problem.

Finally, I got brave.  I clicked yes on the auto update button.  I was taken
to another dialogue that asked me if I wanted to download and install the
necessary components from Real Networks.  The indicated size was only 207
KB.  I realized immediately that this in no way could be the entire Real One
Player, so I reluctantly clicked Yes.  In a few seconds, whatever had to be
downloaded and installed was downloaded and installed and I got the
particular file I wanted to load and play to do jus that.  I now have full
access to all real media types including Spinamp sources using Winamp.

What I want to know is just what happened and why.  Does anyone know?

Live Long And Prosper
From Ron Canazzi

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