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Dear all list members!
Hear it is!
Jonathan announced it.
Hear is his message that was posted to the announce and friends email list.
From: "Jonathan Mosen" <jonathan@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2003/06/25 Wed PM 04:51:26 EST
To: <announce@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, 
Subject: My Future Plans

Hi all.

I know there's been a bit of interest in where I am going to from here,
and now I can let you know that on 21 July, I will be taking up my new
position as Product Marketing Manager for the BrailleNote family of
products with Pulse Data International.

As someone who has been a keen user of technology for over 20 years, and
in recent years a keen observer of technology from the standpoint of a
journalist and reviewer, I am very much looking forward to being able to
make a difference in the development of the leading product in its
field. My BrailleNote is my most essential piece of technology, which I
use on a day to day basis, so I realise how important it is for its
users to have products that are dependable and continue the trend of
innovation so ably established by my predecessors in this role. My role
will involve prioritising development of the product, liaising with the
excellent distribution channels Pulse Data International has around the
world, and looking at strategies to promote the products.

It's a big change for my family as we will be relocating to Christchurch
in the South Island of New Zealand where the headquarters of Pulse Data
International are located, but it's a challenging role full of

So I am sure that I will be on Main Menu from time to time, letting you
know what's new with the BrailleNote family, and I certainly intend to
be very visible on technology lists.
        Jonathan Mosen
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