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January 13, 2003

Window-Eyes 4.21 is released!

(Fort Wayne, IN) -- GW Micro, creator of Window-Eyes, is proud to announce
the release of Window-Eyes Standard 4.21 and Window-Eyes Professional
4.21.  Window-Eyes is a software screen reader for people who are blind
that gives them the power to carry out complicated tasks with the ease
previously enjoyed only by the mouse user.

Since approximately 33% of its employees are blind, GW Micro realizes the
importance of having a product that meets both leisure and work-time
needs.  Below are just a few examples of how those needs are being

.       GW Micro has worked closely with RealNetworks to provide
accessibility to their new and exciting RealOne Player product, using
MSAA.  This new access provides the user with all the audio available on
the Web.

.       Many people who are blind are programmers and need access to
available tools.  GW Micro is pleased to offer support in their new version
4.21 to the Microsoft Visual Studio.net product, thus allowing programmers
who are blind access to the most modern tools.

.       Several major corporations use Lotus Notes for their e-mail.  Lotus
Notes Version 6 and Window-Eyes 4.21 meet their e-mail needs reliably.

Window-Eyes 4.21 also features the long-awaited video chaining element
(DCM) which, when fully implemented by other companies, will greatly
enhance the lives of people who must have different assistive technology
products installed.  This technology will enable agencies working with
people who are blind to show all types of AT products and not have to be
concerned about order of installation.

Clarence Whaley, Director of Sales and Marketing for GW Micro, stated,
"Everywhere I travel instructors are concerned about having many AT
products on their systems because of the conflicts that can and do
occur.  DCM is the answer to that problem; we strongly encourage other
companies to implement DCM as soon as possible.  It is now available for
Window-Eyes users."

Window-Eyes 4.21 is now available for purchase.  Window-Eyes Standard
compatible with Windows 9x and Me retails for $595.00; Window-eyes
Professional compatible with Windows XP, 2000, 9x and Me retails for
$795.00.  Owners of Window-Eyes Standard 4.2 and Professional 4.2 can
download a free upgrade to version 4.21 from our web page: www.gwmicro.com

Dan Weirich, co-owner of GW Micro, states, "As I travel around the country,
I am so pleased with the impact Window-Eyes is having on our customers.  We
are committed to producing the product of choice for people who are blind."

Founded in 1990, GW Micro, a Fort Wayne, Indiana-based, assistive
technology company, is committed to producing the most reliable screen
reader available for people who are blind.  Window-Eyes allows them to hear
(with speech synthesis) and feel (via refreshable Braille displays) the
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, and Windows XP operating systems.

Contact: Clarence Whaley
Clarence: 615-383-6248
Main office: 260-489-3671

Clarence Whaley
Director Of Sales And Marketing
GW Micro
E-Mail:  Clarence@xxxxxxxxxxx
Direct Voice (615) 383-6248
Direct Fax (615) 269-5288
GW Micro Voice Number 260-489-3671

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