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> Doug, Dan, Aaron and I just returned from CSUN where we showed many of the
> new features of Window-Eyes 4.5.  I will try here to list what was shown
> the conference.  Last week we posted an overview, but here are the facts.
> Window-Eyes 4.5 introduces a new facelift to the hotkey dialog.  The
> hotkeys are all now grouped in sections such as cursoring, mouse,
> Miscelaneous etc.  Radio buttons make it easy to switch between each group
> and using the titlebar hotkey will always tell you where you are.  This
> will make for much easier management of these keys.
> Also, now users will have the ability to adjust the speech rate from 1
> through 100 on most synthesizers.  Some synthesizers will be limited to
> smaller increments, but with this new feature you will be able to get that
> rate just where you want it.  Moving by 1 gives you all the flexibility
> could want.
> Next, remember in version 4.211 we started a system of error
> reporting?  Now, this is super enhanced.  Any time that an error is
> generated you will be given the option to report this error to us.  This
> completely secure, and you have the option to send us the report or
> not.  Only information relating to the error is sent; nothing about your
> private information.  In fact, we won't even know whose system generated
> it.  This helps us tremendously in improving our product.  We want
> Window-Eyes to be just like your monitor--never causing you a problem.
> We will be including the DecTalk Access32 software at no additional charge
> with Window-Eyes 4.5.  This will give you a total of three software
> synthesizers with Window-Eyes: Eloquence, Microsoft text to speech and
> DecTalk Access32.  The best of all worlds.
> We are very pleased to announce that Window-Eyes will be offering support
> for the terminal servuces frin the Citrix Metaframe server.  This means
> that you will be able to walk up to a PC anywhere, logon to your Citrix
> server, grab Window-Eyes off that server and do your work just as though
> you were there.  Window-Eyes will not even have to be loaded on your
> system; you will be using the copy off the Citrix server.  If you need
> information about this feel free to call us.  We were pleased to have
> Millie Price from Citrix in our booth, and we actually were using this
> solution in the booth.  No more will people who are blind have to walk
> from employment opportunities because the company is using Citrix.  We are
> delighted to be the first to work with Citrix to bring you this solution.
> Window-Eyes is taking a major leap into the future with internet
> support.  We unveiled all the new W3C features that Window-Eyes now
> supports.  Simple one key access to links, tables, headers, paragraphs,
> lists and much more.  We will even tell you about bulleted lists, what
> of bullet it is and the number of list items and about embeded lists.  The
> really neat thing is that all of this is controled through our verbosity
> menus.  You can hear all the information about a page, just a little bit
> the information or choose exactly what you want to hear and when you want
> to hear it.
> We hope to have the beta of Window-Eyes 4.5 out in April and a targeted
> release date of some time in May.  Of course, we want a public beta out
> there so that we can get your feedback and not release a product before it
> is ready.
> The price to current version users of Window-Eyes 4.211 to go to 4.5 will
> be $100.00 or one SMA count.  We will certainly keep you informed and
> for the announcement of the public beta.  No time is set yet except for
> some time in April.
> This is a really exciting upgrade, and we look forward to offering it to
> you our loyal customers.
> Clarence Whaley
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