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Hello Gamers!

It's Justin Daubenmire, owner of BSC Games. I want to give you a quick
update on Hunter and it's progress.

For those of you who don't know, Hunter is my next game release that is due
out late February or early March. You can read more about it on my website
by visiting www.BscGames.com/hunter.asp. Now on with some detail about
Hunter and it's progress!

Hunter is coming along nicely. I am thinking it should be live for
sale/download the last week of February or first week of March. Myself and
Igor, the programmers, along with the beta testing team, are really pushing
Hunter to the brink trying to make it the best game you'll ever hear or
play. It's going to be very enjoyable, we promise! smile.

Hunter is based off a story that will be installed with the game. You can
read it for enjoyment or you can read it prior to starting the game so you
can understand why the game is progressing the way it is. However, it is not
a requirement to read the story prior to starting the game. The story is
still being edited since my grammar and spelling is so good! smile.

Hunter comes with 10 totally distinct levels of game play along with a
different set of rich stereo sound effects for each level. For more detail
on what the game levels are and involve, please visit
www.BscGames.com/hunter.asp. The sound effects are the best we have ever
done. The imagery that has went into the design of the sounds is quite
intense. We know you will find the sounds to be really cool. For a sneak
preview of the sounds, why not download our Hunter audio trailer. There is a
link off our home page found at www.BscGames.com. The audio trailer is a
reduced audio quality but sounds close to the real thing.

Want to know even more about Hunter? Check out this Audyssey Magazine
article (watch for word wrap you might have to copy/paste it into IE) found


Since the sounds are so many, so rich, and *so large*, I am still using the
unpacking process for Hunter. The setup is the largest ever for BSC Games...
it will be between 40 to 45 MB. If I didn't use the unpacking routine, those
dialup users wanting to download it couldn't at all. It would be over a 125
MB setup. Although 40 to 45 MB is still very large for dialup users to
download, it is much better than a 125 MB or more sized setup file. Upon the
setup completing, you will be given the option to start the unpacking
process. This process can take 6 minutes or more once it is started
depending on the speed of your computer so hang in there!

Hunter is expected to be ready for sale/download the last week of February
or the first week of March. For those who do not know, Hunter will cost $30
USD and if you want it on CD, it will cost an additional $10 to cover the
cost of cd creation and shipping costs world wide.

For those computer users not comfortable with filling out an online order
form, The Hunter setup file will also install a text file order form that
you can fill out and email to me and I will conduct your purchase via email
rather than you filling out the secure order form. Those computer users not
comfortable with filling out a secure order form but love Hunter can conduct
the purchase via email since nearly everyone is comfortable with email. For
more detail on this process, what payment methods we accept, please visit

In closing, I would like to explain to those dial-up users who are planning
on ordering Hunter on CD and not as a download, how to do it. I list the
steps below on how to do this since you will still need an unlock code. It
is quite easy. Here are the steps:

1.  Ordering  Hunter on CD is simple.  When the game is live on the BSC
Games website, you place an order for the game and in the product id box
on the secure order form type the word "none" without the quotation

2.  You will receive an e-mail saying you did not supply a product id code.

3.  Do not delete this e-mail, please save it until you get your CD, as it
contains a link to the BSC Games website for the unlock code.

4.  when your Hunter CD arrives,  install the game and go to the link
contained in your e-mail for the unlock code.

5.  Follow the Instructions on the web page on how to get your unlock code
emailed to you.

6.  After you complete the instructions on the web page, you will get your
Hunter unlock code in your email in about 1 minute. Follow the instructions
in the email on how to register your copy of Hunter.

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