[acm] Summary of 2006-02-22 Meeting

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Still no responses on fundraiser letters, Sean says he did distribute
them. But Mark saw two postings on bulletin looking for people to make
websites; Ryan will contact them (Tom V. for a personal site, and a
Christian rock band)

9 people came to Joseph's buffer overflow workshop last Friday (Feb 17)

CS dept will have an alumni speaker on Friday Mar 3 at 12:30pm in the
Maes upstairs commons area: Katy Reeder Wells, a Lamar alumnus from
mid-90s, who went on to get a law degree from Yale. She is now Vice
President / Deputy General Council for AMD, Inc (Advanced Micro
Devices). The title of her talk is "High-Tech Industry on

CS Day will be Friday April 7.

CS Day activities:
Computer Assembly Contest - 9-10am
Search Engine Scavenger Hunt - 10-11am
Programming Contest - 11am-12pm
Lunch and Movie - 12-2pm
student workshop - 2-3pm

CS banquet - Fri April 21
Ryan is working on the paperwork for cosponsorship, Chartwells,
Cardinal Club room

Will probably have room for 80-100 people

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