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Hey Everyone:


So the handovers should have started already.  Jill has passed on a folder
containing about 140 files and I'm about half way through reviewing all of


Here is some homework in the meantime.  I asked all of you to review the
Constitution and the Policy Manual.  Here is a copy of the revised one with
the amendments made from the 2010 AGM that were voted in except for one.
The last motion will be ours to complete, which is to reformat both the
constitution and policy manual so that they flow and make sense.  I would
like to plan a meeting near the end of November or beginning of December
timeframe.  That will be the deadline to have a write up as to what goals
you have set up for yourself to complete within your respective ACES
positions.  The goals should be reflective of the job descriptions given in
the policy manual, and maybe include stuff that maybe you think should be
there but isn't.


This should also be the deadline set for everyone to do up their bios for
Bryce so he can update the website.




Can you start updating the website now?  Do you have all the login accounts
and passwords you require?  Do you know if there is one for the ACES
president e-mail that Jill was using?  Let me know.


That's all for now.  Hopefully everyone's midterms are going well.




Neil McPherson

VP OutReach Fall 2010

Dalhousie Sexton Engineering Undergraduate Society


Atlantic Council of Engineering Students (ACES)




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