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Hey Everyone:


Sorry I've been out of touch, but its midterm season so I've been a bit
swamped.  I'll get the ball rolling with this bio info for the website.




President - Neil McPherson

(I've attached 2 pictures, I couldn't decide which one to use.


As president, my role is to be the official representative and official
spokesperson of ACES to all other engineering students, professional, and
industry associations.  My goals as president are to maintain and enhance
the professionalism of ACES, integrate more professional development at ACES
events, as well as make sure the next year runs fluently.  I am eager to
work together with the engineering schools in Atlantic Canada, and to
exchange ideas that will help improve the undergraduate engineering
experience for students through their respective engineering societies.  The
2010-2011 ACES Board of Directors has a number of motivated students and I
am looking forward to working with them over the next year.


School: Dalhousie University

Discipline: Electrical

Future Goal: To become a Communications Engineer in the Canadian Air Force
Random Fact: I am the most unphotogenic person ever, Face book has proof of
this.  I also like to play inappropriate songs on my guitar!


Here is something you can put down for the President's message for now.


Message from the President

    Hi, I'm Neil McPherson, president of the Atlantic Council of Engineering
Students for 2010-2011.  ACES is a great organization for all Atlantic
engineering students to belong to.  Why?  Through ACES, students can share
advice, experiences, and insight on topics that concern engineering
students; such as the AEC (Atlantic Engineering Competition), the CEC
(Canadian Engineering Competition), engineering society events, as well as
other engineering related competitions and events. 


Feel free to contact me or anyone else on the executive if you have any
further comments, questions or suggestions. We are continuously trying to
improve what ACES has to offer its member schools and open communication
between everyone is paramount.


I encourage everyone to sign-up for the mailing list (see the link above) to
keep up to date on what we are doing.


Bryce:  Do you know if that e-mail link works?  If not, we may have to come
up with another way to collect e-mail addresses of people who are interested
in staying up to date with ACES.  


AS for the rest of you, I suggest reading the Constitution and Policy
Manual.  I have just finished and there are many areas that need correcting
regarding to format and there are other areas I will be looking to change at
the next ACES AGM.  We may be able to modify the policy manual without an
ACES GM, but I'll go over the specifics of that at a later date.  Jill
responded to my handover e-mail and has agreed to a full handover by Nov
1st.  Once the handover is complete, I'll start tasking some of you with
stuff in your respective positions.  I'll try and send out tasks as early as
possible as I know we all have our school stuff to worry about first and
then our respective eng soc stuff to do as well.  Cheers.


Neil McPherson


Atlantic Council of Engineering Students (ACES)






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Subject: Profiles for Website


Hey Everyone,


So if anyone has been on the ACES website recently you'll notice that none
of the member profiles have been updated. Before I update all of that I'm
going to need a picture for all of you and a personal profile of information
as seen on the website currently


If anyone has any ideas of other information you would like to include,
email me your suggestions.  Also, if Neil can send me a "Message from the
President" similar to the format on the current homepage, that would be




Bryce Clothier

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