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I will not be able to make the meeting on Thursday I have a function I have to 
attend at the same time.

Hannah Maynard

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First off, let me welcome our new addition to ACES, Laura Pittman.  She is
the new Professional Development Director for NFLD.  Laura was also part of
the CFES Congress 2011 Planning Committee.  



Can you add Laura to the ACES Free list?



Same question for the ACES exec e-mail?


I've pushed the meeting date to the day before the AEC.  Here are the agenda
items for the meeting:


*       AEC (rules, regulations, eligibility, etc)
*       CEC (mixed teams, rules, etc)
*       ACES sponsorship
*       Finances
*       Friesens debt
*       CU & Friesens Contract
*       ACES Newsletter
*       ACES Constitution and Policy Manual



Just a reminder that the teleconference will be done using gmail video chat
so if you don't have a gmail account, get one set up before then and then
send your account info to Mike.  If you can't make the meeting, be sure to
let us know in advance and send your comments and/or concerns via e-mail on
the items mentioned above.




I CC'd you on this as you are welcome to attend our teleconference as the
AEC chair if you are available.



I would like us to publish at least one newsletter for ACES.  I thought I
would get the ball rolling by doing up a summary of CFES Congress.  I've
attached what I've drafted up so far.  Please have a look and let me know if
you can add to it.  Some of you probably attended some sessions and
workshops that I did not.


I conducted a school visit at Universite de Moncton on Jan 19th.  It seems
that everything is good to go for the AEC.  I also noted some suggestions
they had to help next year's AEC steering committee.  I will be attending
the AEC as an observer for ACES.  That's all for now.



Neil McPherson


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