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Good Day Everyone:

The meeting has been concluded. In attendance was Mike, Salim, Hannah, and myself. It started around 5:05pm and ended 5:55pm.

Here is a brief summary of the meeting:

Goals for positions
If you have not sent your profile information to Bryce, please do. What I would like to see is a professional goal set for yourself regarding your position. If you are not sure what this should be or how you can accomplish it, send me an e-mail and I will try to get you started.

Updated Constitution and Policy Manual:
Mike and I have gone through both of these documents and made a lot of organization corrections, and such. It should be ready to go up on the website shortly.

UNB has received theirs. MUN should have theirs soon. There are still a few schools that have not received them. Mike will be bringing some to NSAC. I will drop some off to SMU.

The CU Advertising contract I sent around was discussed and we are going with them as this is the easiest solution for the handbooks and with dealing with Friesens.

I think everyone has received some sort of handover although the VP Finance one is incomplete. We need a bank account to deposit the membership fees into. It states in the policy manual that are bank account is supposed to be with TD bank, but because we are having trouble with getting access to this account with our name on it, we need to open an account with another bank in order to deposit the fees before the cheques become outdated. I will be opening an account with BMO as a temporary fix to this problem.

ACES Financial Situation:
Well, other than what I mentioned above, we are still in debt to Friesens (4500$ approx) and to Dal (4000$ approx). Once I open up the bank account with BMO, Whitney and I will meet to try and pain a picture of ACES finance using a spreadsheet and then distribute it.

AEC: I have not heard back from Natalie since the last e-mail I sent her. I will try again in a few days. So far, registration for the AEC is open and available through the website I sent a few days ago. I plan on attending AEC, not sure if I will compete, but either way I will be there. If you plan on attending, let me know.

Both Mike and I will be going to CFES as the ACES delegation. If you are not able to attend CFES congress at MUN, but you want something brought up, let us know, We will bring up anything, within reason, on behalf of the ACES membership schools. If you are going to CFES, please let me and Mike know so that we can try and set something up for ACES while we are in St. John's.

The meeting lasted about an hour, but there are still things that need to be done and sorted out. Here is a list of things I want to see done before the next ACES meeting in January:

Set up a G-mail account. This will be used for video conferencing for the next meeting. Send your gmail address to Mike once done. Mine is neilistoocool@xxxxxxxxx Don't ask about the "too cool", I thought it was awesome when I set up that account when I was 19; quite some time ago.

Profile info sent to Bryce. Everyone info should be loaded on the ACES website by this time as well.

VP Comms:
1.      A contact list of all ACES executive to include:
gmail account
cell phone number

2.      Keep a record of this e-mail for minutes of the meeting today.

3. Create a separate distribution list for confidential info. The reason for this is because this free lists distribution list is accessible to anyone on the internet. Some of the information we will be dealing with in the future may be confidential. Keep this in mind when using the aces-caeeg-board@xxxxxxxxxxxxx list.

VP Finance:
1. A spreadsheet done up with all the current ACES financial information. I realize that we will have to meet in person for this to happen. Maybe a day during the exam period when neither of us have exams.

2. Get the bank account from TD transferred over for signing authority which will include you, myself, and Mike. I will do what I can to help with this as this is my biggest issue right now with handover.

Prof Dev Directors:
1. Make contact with your respective Provincial Professional Engineering Organizations. I sent out examples of letters that were sent out last year. Once you make contact, see what if anything they can do for ACES in terms of sponsorship, Professional Development, etc.

Handbook Director:
1. Review the files that Friesens sent you so that when it comes time to fill out a template for next years handbooks, everything is ready to go. Once page that will need to be changed is the new executive. If you have any thoughts on something else you would like to see there, let me know. Maybe a formula sheet that is tailored towards engineers.

Director Corp Relations:
1. Start compiling a list of companies and organizations that could be seen as potential sponsors for ACES. This could be used towards the AEC, or any other ACES event. The traveling career fair idea you mentioned sounds has some real potential. This should be just a composite list for now. Look to include companies and organizations outside of NS as well. Anything that is in the Atlantic Provinces. Look to include contact information with this list as well. 2. Look to start making a generic sponsorship package template for ACES. The one from U de M might be a good place to start, especially where bilingualism comes in.

Thats all for now. I will send out an e-mail in the next week or so with an update. When I send out the notice for the next meeting in January, everyone should have a gmail account that they can use. We will chalk this meeting up to miscommunication on my part, but I think I've been perfectly clear with regards to direction for the next meeting. I realize we are all busy trying to get through are engineering undergrad degree, but I have found that doing a little bit of ACES each week, lessons the workload once it comes to deadlines that have to be met, and if forces me to keep up to date with what's going on.

Good luck with upcoming exams.  Cheers.


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How do we go on the meeting tonight? Is there a link?


On 6-Nov-10, at 1:15 PM, Neil.McPherson@xxxxxx wrote:


I’m calling our first meeting for Sunday November 28th at 5pm. The meeting should only last about an hour as I think we can deal with most of the details for what needs to be done through e-mail. I’m asking for any Agenda items any of you might have so that we can organize the meeting accordingly. You don’t need to send them to me right away; this is just a heads up. Some of the topics for discussion at this meeting will be:

Goals for your respective position
Updated Constitution and Policy Manual
ACES financial situation
AEC 2011
CFES 2011

One hour is not a lot of time to cover all these topics in depth, which is why I would like the nitty gritty details to be covered in e-mail. Let me know if you are unable to make this meeting date, but hopefully this is enough advance notice that everyone can attend. Cheers.

PS: If you have a Skype account, or a g-mail account capable of video conference, let me know.

Neil McPherson
VP OutReach Fall 2010
Dalhousie Sexton Engineering Undergraduate Society
Atlantic Council of Engineering Students (ACES)

Neil McPherson
VP Outreach Fall Term 2010
DSEUS (Dalhousie Sexton Engineering Undergraduate Society
President 2010-2011
ACES (Atlantic Council of Engineering Students)

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