[aces-caeeg-board] Final ACES exec meeting; Thursday Sept 22nd @ 8pm

  • From: Neil McPherson <NL516205@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 15:19:05 -0300

Good Day All:

I am amending the time for the final ACES exec meeting to 8pm on the same date so that Hannah can make the meeting.  I haven't received all the turnover reports yet.  Just a reminder, I need those by the 22nd.  

I've attached what I have drafted up for the AGM Schedule.  If anyone sees a problem with this or has any questions, let me know.

I'll be sending out the Plenary motions I drafted up shortly, but I will NOT be using the ACES Free Lists so please don't use it in regards to the Plenary Motions.

If I don't get any input from anyone regarding the AGM schedule by Friday Sept 16th, I'll be sending it to Mathew Ward, who is the ACES AGM 2011 Conference Chair at U de M.


Neil McPherson
President 2010-2011
ACES (Atlantic Council of Engineering Students)

On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 6:58 PM, Neil McPherson <nl516205@xxxxxx> wrote:
Hey Everyone:

As Mike suggested below, I have picked a date for the final ACES exec meeting, which will be Thursday Sept 22nd @ 7pm.  This is a week before the AGM.  Everyone should have a turnover report on their position done by that time.  Please e-mail me your handover reports ASAP so that I can compile them and start preparing a power point for the handover for the AGM.

The report does not have to be long, just clear and concise.  A page is the suggested minimum.

I should have a schedule for the AGM soon.

I will be traveling from Halifax leaving around 3pm and should arrive in Moncton around 5pm.  I'll be leaving Moncton around 2pm on Sunday and should be back in Halifax around 4pm.  I'll be driving my car there so I have room if someone from Halifax needs a drive.  Cheers.

Neil McPherson
President 2010-2011
ACES (Atlantic Council of Engineering Students)

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