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It is similar to last year's deadline.  The only reason I know this is
because I had to secure the funding for the Junior Design team we sent last
year and we didn't make the deadline for Dec 15th either.  The final
deadline for payment (Jan 6th) does seem shorter than last year's though.
Hopefully Natalie will be around for Sunday's meeting although she hasn't
replied to my last e-mail yet.  If I don't get a response by Friday night,
I'll try contacting her again.





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I just noticed that website also, earlier today. Do you know how long it's
been up for? I also noticed this is one of the first years they are asking
for the money in advance, in past years you could pay when you get there, I
feel like this was really short notice for schools to get funding sorted




On 24-Nov-10, at 10:38 PM, Neil McPherson wrote:

Hey Everyone:


I don't know if anyone has been checking the website for AEC, but it's up
right now.  Spread the word, registration is now available for AEC.






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