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Hi Natalie:


Since we have only received 1800 handbooks, according to the Friesen
Contract for 2010-2011, I have divided the total number of handbooks
according to the amount of student fees that have been paid to ACES.  Here
is a copy of the breakdown on the attached spreadsheet.


It has taken me some time to put together a quote for shipping out the
handbooks to the most remote schools, being MUN and UNB, which will come at
the expense of the Faculty of Engineering because of the issue we ran into
that Jill alluded to below.  Because there was no one from Universite de
Moncton present at the AGM, I can?t ask the Dean?s office to cover the cost
for shipping out the handbooks to your school.  I realize this is a short
time line, but I can only give you until this Friday to pay your ACES fees
if you are looking to get some of the handbooks.


If I receive the ACES membership fees by this Friday Nov 5th, I will include
Universite de Moncton in the spreadsheet and then recalculate how many
handbooks each school will get.  Your school will still be responsible for
organizing a method of picking up the handbooks whether that includes
someone coming to Halifax to get them or including a shipping fee with the
ACES membership fees.  That is up to you.  Purolator has been the best quote
I?ve found so far.  If I don?t receive the ACES fees, I have to send out the
handbooks by the end of this week.  Sorry for the short deadline, but this
handbook issue has already dragged on for too long and I have schools
contacting me asking for them.  As Jill mentioned, the ACES membership fees
can be sent to the address she indicated below.  The fees are 0.17$ per
engineering student at your school.


On a different note, I would like to make a visit to your school and talk
about the upcoming AEC.  I?m from Miramichi, NB, so I pass by Moncton a few
times a year to visit family.  I will try and give you a heads up the next
time I?m headed that way and maybe we could meet up and talk about the AEC.


Neil McPherson

VP OutReach Fall 2010

Dalhousie Sexton Engineering Undergraduate Society


Atlantic Council of Engineering Students (ACES)





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Hi Natalie, 

The ACES Membership Fees can be sent to the following address:

Atlantic Council of Engineering Students 

C/o Office of the Dean of Engineering Dalhousie University 

1360 Barrington Street

Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1Z1

There are Engendas, there was a mixup at AGM and they got locked in a
closest and could not be distributed at AGM. 

They will be mailed out to the schools shortly. 

You are also correct in saying that Universite de Monction will be
responsible for hosting AGM 2011.

At this time I would like to introduce you to the new President for the
2010-2011 year, Neil McPherson, he is attached on this email.

Neil should be your contact person moving forward for both AEC and AGM.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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Subject: ACES 2011 Host
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Date: Sun, October 31, 2010 10:55 am
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Since no representatives from the Université de Moncton were able to be
present for the
last ACES AGM, we would simply like to know who will be the host school next
year (I do
believe it's us, but I wanna make sure); how do we go about mailing our ACES
fees; and did we get Engendas this year?

Thanks, and happy halloween!

Natalie Cormier
Présidente, AÉÉGUM

Natalie Cormier

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