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If this has appeared here before, but it's worth repeating.  Brenda
Go here and print out What To Do When Animal Control Comes Knocking. 
http://idahobrittany.org/AnimalControl%5B1%5D.pdf This is something 
every one of us should have printed out and hung somewhere that we can 
see it on occasion. It is by an lawyer in California so, while it's a 
great place to start, it's something that you really should check over 
with a lawyer in your own state. Find out what else you can do before 
they come knocking.

I am not a lawyer, so take this for what it's worth. I have read 
several good answers here and I think you should definitely get the 
answers to many of the questions others have raised such as has your 
property been annexed to the city, have there been recent changes in 
ordinances, has your property been rezoned without your knowledge, etc.

Having done all that so that you're as ready as you can be on that 
front, besides having a lawyer on standby for a call if you can, do you 
have a couple three friends who can come over, with cameras in hand (at 
least 1 video camera would be great). Others here have stated that when 
the raid happened, the officers held them back from going to their 
animals. If you have some friends there, they probably won't be allowed 
to get involved, but as the raiders start to split up and go their 
separate ways about your property, perhaps your friends can also split 
up and follow different groups, taking photos, video or maybe even audio 
recordings as long as they don't interfere.

Also, I haven't seen this mentioned, but if they have a warrant for one 
thing, and in executing that warrant, they see something in plain sight, 
they can use that to expand the search. Put any diaries, calendars, 
memo pads etc out of plain sight and in someplace that would be very 
unlikely to be searched in conjunction with the animals. For instance, 
if they were coming to look at my animals and what their living spaces 
are like, I certainly wouldn't expect to see them going through my 
nightstand drawer. Perhaps if what they are there to inspect is the 
premises, you can get the animals off the property before hand or if 
what they want is to see the animals, you can take the animals to them 
for inspection at *your* vets office. Maybe you can work something out 
with your vet to bring them over tomorrow night and pick them up 
afterward, just in case.

If you're sure of your facts regarding zoning, numbers and permits, ask 
them to give you copies of whatever proof they have to the contrary.

One last thing, at the very least, ask an attorney if you have the right 
to tell them that Monday is not a good day for you and give them an 
alternate day and time. Even with the IRS the taxpayers have the right 
to say that a day or time or even the location is not convenient and 
request that it be changed and they have the right to record the entire 
meeting beginning with the location, day time and who is present and in 
what capacity.

Good luck.

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