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Tim, I don't know that I have an answer for you.........or that anybody  
does.  You are right:  we all do love dogs, whether they are a certain  breed 
or just a good old All-American.  But animal rights' groups believe  that 
the purposeful breeding of animals -- any of them -- is wrong, evil and not  
to be tolerated and should be actively banned.  Because of these efforts by  
these groups (HSUS and PETA being the two most visible) to try to force 
people  to adhere to their belief systems, purebred breeders, like your brother 
and many  of us on this list, feel their hobby, interests and often their 
total way of  life is under fire.  So, to use the purebred dog  community's 
premier showcase of our beautiful, purposefully-bred dogs --  our Daytona 500, 
our Super Bowl, our National Championship -- and do  nothing that would 
highlight the hard work and effort of dog breeders  around the country is a big 
gigantic slap in the face by a company (Pedigree)  that many of us support 
by buying their products.  Somehow, it just doesn't  seem fair to only 
highlight adoption and rescue on this  particular night for this important 
 Even though many of us support  both those things with time and money.
Just my opinion.................. 
Donna  Noland & the Dosido Gang
Remlap, Alabama
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I have to say, after being a member of this group for some time, I do not  
understand what appears to be a serious difference between those who breed 
and  own pure bloods and those like myself who choose to go with mutts. I 
have  mutts from various rescues (one of which I rescued from a deplorable 
situation  at a construction site) others own and enjoy pure bloods. So what?  
We all love dogs dont we? I have no problem with pure breds or mutts!
My brother owns and shows Huskies. I think it is great. He also  
contributes to local shelters and rescues. Also great! We get along just fine.  

Whats the big deal here and who is behind this mutt verses pure bred  

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