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We've been wondering why also.  On the website all the dogs are groomed &
clean, & appear to be happy.  Of course, that may have been for the cameras.
I have no use for millers, but don't like to see anyone accused falsely.
We'll know more when the CRF President talks to shelter personel tomorrow.
All this came down late Friday...OF COURSE!  I don't trust AR as far as I
can throw them.
I'll go back & track down links for you.


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Good question.  I think the answer is probably pretty simple:  most don't
think............ at all.
What's the story here?  Was this breeder cited for cruelty/abuse/neglect and
the dogs are now confiscated?  Just wondering who made the decision to take
the dogs and why.
Rescue will go the way of the dinosaur in MO if rescue people have to pay
such high fees just to save animals.  Pretty scary..........
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Here's a new twist on the ramifications of Draconian pet laws.  The Collie
Rescue Foundation is trying to organize rescues to take sixty plus collies
from a breeding operation in MO.  The dogs will only be released to a state
"licensed" rescue, but we're having a hard time finding one because the fee
for obtaining one is now $1,200, & the annual renewal is $400!  That's a lot
of money & it has stopped most rescuers in their tracks.  We've been working
with one who spent $6,000 bring her house up to "standards", then couldn't
pay the fees!
Where do people think their pets are going to come from when there are none?

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