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Anyone with time want to be paid to make phone calls to help MO and hopefully 
cripple HSUS?  Can live anywhere in the country...
Humane Watch:  The TRUTH about the Humane Society of the United States!
The video HSUS doesn't want you to see!
RAOAL:  Responsible Animal Owners of Alabama
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 Dear Elizabeth,

The fight is not over against Prop. B in Missouri! About one week ago, I 
was approached by one of the top political campaign directors in the U.S. who 
wants to not only help us win our fight against Prop. B, but to also CRUSH 
HSUS in the process.

The name of our new campaign is Alliance for Truth!

We can WIN this campaign against Prop. B, but we need two things:

1) Time. If you can commit to make phone calls (or know someone who can), 
let me know! Phoners are paid $10/hr and can live anywhere in the country. 
All you need is a computer and high speed internet. If you're interested, 
email: mindypatt@xxxxxxxxx or call me 314/853-8193

2) Money. Tell your friends, family and people on the streets that we can 
WIN this campaign against Prop. B, but the fight needs funding! ANY amount is 

We will have our website up and running in the next day or two, so that 
people can donate on-line. But in the meantime funds can be sent by mail to:

Alliance for Truth
229 Chesterfield Business Parkway
Chesterfield, MO 63005
(will be launched soon!)

The campaign director has a plan which she calls a surgical strike campaign 
to take out HSUS. She plans for us to not only WIN against Prop. B, but to 
cripple HSUS in the process!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me 314/853-8193 
or Karen Strange.

Your friend in the fight,

Mindy Patterson 


Elizabeth Brinkley, MFA in Theatre,
Legislative Liaison
Dante Kennels, est. 1974, Latrobe, PA
"When injustice becomes law, Resistance becomes duty." T. Jefferson
"One of the greatest delusions of the world is the HOPE that the EVILS of 
this world are to be CURED BY LEGISLATION." Thomas B. Reed 1886


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