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I don't know what a viaf is but It could be that an optacon if it can be
used would be usefull for this exercise.  The optacon though needs to be
taught and in this instance there is no time and the optacon is no longer
being produced.  I used to read all kinds of things with it though.

Johnnie Apple Seed

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Am forwarding this mail from Nancy Kauffman

Hi, I was given this e-mail address because I need to get
information about how to help a blind student understand
maps.  In the sample map that the professor provided, there
is too much
information to just use a machine like the PIAF.  The
professor, student
and I are meeting tomorrow to brainstorm, but it would be
helpful to
have some ideas before our meeting.  Thanks for your help.

Nancy L. Kauffman, Director

Disability Support Services

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