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Yes, I think this could very well be so. The interplay and overlap is
obviously very tight, and most people are just used to it and not
particularly aware because of the modern cultural bent.

I have some Japanese friends who talk about hearing the grass grow. And they
are not talking metaphorically; I have asked... Well, we only see it in
time-lapse photography, although we can witness the results both with vision
and with touch over time.


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P.S From the article about syaesthesia, and Gregory's Recovery from
Blindness  could one think that the senses send information to each
other. Information learned in one sense is learned by another sense?

Lisa Yayla wrote:
> Dear Sylvia,
> Thank you so much for the wonderful articles. I enjoyed them all. It
> was very helpful for my question.
> Eric Somers approach was really interesting. Thought that the tactile
> could also be added to it, as I imagine, you also thought. This could
> be used in art classes. As a designer I really enjoyed his discussion
> about designer vs art vs stylist.
> The article about synaesthesia was also really good and the ideas
> about language, etc really interesting. Helped to explain how closely
> the senses are connected.
> The mysteries of mollusks! A couple of days ago I was reading about
> octopuses and that they have very advanced eyes, and I wondered if the
> reason that they had such advanced eyes was because their tactile
> abilities. That their eye became so developed because of this. Any
> developmental biologist out there? So it was really nice to get the
> limpet article. Very interesting about the bones.
> Thanks,
> Lisa

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