[accessibleimage] point symbols for vacuum formed maps

  • From: Ann Gardiner <ann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 13:23:52 +0100

Hi everyone
I was most disconcerted to learn today that RNIB have ceased to supply the small plastic point symbols for making masters for vacuum formed images. Some of them were not very useful but others worked extremely well. They were originally produced in an attempt to create some standard town map symbols in the 1970s.

Following a long discussion with a model making supplier I have found how the problem can be overcome and how supplies can be produced in a white metal. The moulds can be customised to produce large quantities of a single symbol rather than the original 'tree' which had only 1 steps symbol for example. We could have bags of 100 steps symbols or more in the future!

I am very tempted to carry on with this new supply project but as the initial moulds are quite expensive I wondered whether anyone out there would be interested in suggesting anything other symbols that might be included so as the maximise the value of the financial outlay.

The symbols I use most are:
8mm ring
5mm ring
5mm open square
5mm star
5mm dotted ring
5mm 3-sided square (u-shape)
5mm rt angle cross
5mm L-shape
dotted bar

If anyone knows of a current source of similar items it could save a lot of cash - please let me know details if you do.

I think these symbols could be very useful in making vacuum formed sheets to use with audio-touch tablets of all types.

Dr Ann Gardiner
01928 733040

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