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  • From: "Lisa Yayla" <lisa.yayla@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: accessibleimage@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 09:46:20 +0100

Hi Chris,
As to that this list motivating you to create your blog. I'm very indebted
to you for our discussions over the list about accessible art. A couple of
years back I was asked to adapt some works of art for an art history
course and I was very unsure about the whole matter, what to do etc. 
Through our online discussion I learned a lot. It was a very big help. Got
pointed in the right direction.
So if this list motivated your blog, can only say that it was actually you
who did that. Talk about self generation. What comes around goes around.

accessibleimage@xxxxxxxxxxxxx skriver:
>Hi Lisa,
>Thanks, as always, for the pointers.  I didn't have a topic for my blog
>entry today so I used a bunch of your pointers along with a couple I got
>recently from people at UF to create the daily post.
>If you folks on this list haven't checked out my blog, please do me the
>favor of going to http://www.blindconfidential.blogspot.com and giving me
>some feedback.  It's been going for about three weeks and it was this very
>list that motivated me to create it.  As I tend to be one of the members
>here most likely to go off topic, I figured I'd start a blog and put the
>topic stuff there.
>So far, I've received fairly positive feedback from people around the
>blindness and accessibility world.  The criticism I've received (all off
>line) has been that people think I am somehow beholden to ViewPlus or Code
>Factory as all mentions I make of them are highly positive but I am more
>critical of other AT vendors.  So, if John or Eduard want to send me some
>money, I'll accept it handily and continue to say nice things about their
>products.  Then again, its hard to find fault with MSP or the stuff from
>ViewPlus so I'll probably remain a slut and give it away for free.
>Other criticism I get is that I'm too critical of Freedom Scientific and
>that I am too nice to Freedom Scientific.  Thus, I must be hitting the
>neutral line pretty nicely.  As they are a former employer, I want to be
>neutral as I can.
>Finally, people complain that the site is too nerdy.  I can't help it, I
>an unrepentant uber-geek.  
>So, please check it out, return often and tell your geeky friends about
>PS:  John or Jeff Gardner should please call me at home as soon as
>as I need to discuss some grant stuff with a ViewPlus person very soon.  

Lisa Yayla
Huseby Kompetansesenter 
Oslo Norway

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