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Hi Don.  We have developed some really neat symbols for stairs and 
escalators for Tiger embossing.  Generally we use three levels, high, 
medium, low, for the steps and find them to be quite intuitive for the 
direction of the up/down direction.  There is a line serving to "block" the 
stair or escalator on the end that is accessible from the floor above or 
below the one being mapped.  The end accessible from the floor being mapped 
is open for stairs and has an arrowhead point in or out for 
escalators.  We've done only anecdotal testing, largely of atendees at 
meetings for which we've made the floor maps.  Everybody finds them quite 
intuitive despite the fact that they are very compact.  One can make such 
symbols with any technology permitting different heights.


At 06:11 AM 3/1/2005, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I was wondering what experience people had with arrows (or stair symbols) on
>tactile diagrams?
>For example, as anyone found any shape, design or size of arrow to be
>superior to others?
>We are trying a 'saw-tooth' arrow.  Put simply, this a line that feels rough
>in one direction and smooth in the other, hopefully indicating direction.
>Has anyone had experience with this?
>Don McCallum
>Anglia Polytechnic University
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>Tactile Graphics: An Evaluation of Substrates for Tactile Maps and
>Diagrams by
>Sarah Jehoe, Simon Ungar, Don McCallum and Jonathan Rowell.
>Haven't read it yet, but surely a good read.
>Lisa Yayla
>Huseby Kompetansesenter
>Oslo Norway

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