[accessibleimage] Stockholm Tactile reading- tactile understanding conference

  • From: "Lisa Yayla" <lisa.yayla@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: accessibleimage@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 11:40:48 +0100

Have just been to a conference in Stockholm Tactile reading- tactile
understanding. I had the great pleasure of meeting a couple of people from
the list.

Will try to give a short summary. It was fairly intense.

Dr. Susanna Millar talked about what vision adds to touch. She also talked
about reference points and how important they were. This I think should
play a significant role when designing tactiles. 
From Lund there was two talks about recording and analysing tactile
reading as one does eye movements. They use a technique that was pioneered
by Susanna Millar where one uses clear plastic sheets with Braille or a
tactile image embossed and record from below. They had designed a program
to analyse this. It was very interesting to see a tactiles being read from
this perspective. 

Prof. Stephen von Tetzchner talked about blind children in joint attention
activities and how important this is.

Dr. John M. Kennedy talked about drawing and the blind and that the
ability to do so is in a way hard wired in our brains. He showed many
examples. His findings open up possibilities, I think, incredibly.

Oliv Klingenberg talked about mathematics and tactile graphics, plus and

Sorry, this is a very pale account of what was said. Perhaps it could be
said that the talks pointed to the positive potential and future of

Other news from the conference. It was very interesting to see the tactile
books from TBP Sweden. They make beautiful books and the astonishing (for
me) is that they produce 75-100 copies at a time. An designer illustrates
the book, a company cuts out the bits with laser that are needed for the
pictures, instead of by hand. The text is silk screened with black text
under. And the illustrations are put together by the designer. The
different textures used have a sticky- tape  backing so that it is easier
to assemble. Individual cost of each book was fairly high, but must be a
big savings by using the laser cutter.  It is the same idea of patterns as
in Polly Edmans' book Tactile Graphics but using laser instead of scissors.

Bob Marek had a presentation of his wonderful tools for understanding
tactiles. In this summers edition of Vision from RNIB there is an
extensive article by Bob. 
From the Stockholm International Toy Research Centre there was a
demonstration of games that use only sound.

Hope others that where at the conference will hop in and correct me and
elaborate, for it was a really interesting conference.

Lisa Yayla
Huseby Kompetansesenter 
Oslo Norway

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