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  • Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005 09:54:44 +0200

Dear Donna,

I am working on a presentation recently about visually impaired artists
and in the course of that have been getting in touch with the artists  to
find out if I could use their works in my presentation. So far I have just
written to a couple of artists from a much longer list.  I thought to send
you their names. Both produce breath taking work. Traci Parks is a
photographer and  Robert Koval is a painter.


I also had an idea, you probably have already considered this, but here
goes. Have you considered a slide show (one that runs by itself ) or power
point? I thought that this might be one way to show such works. There
wouldn't be any shipping costs and as you say it is a wonderful arena for
the artists to show their work. It would also perhaps be easier for both
you and them. This method of display perhaps works best for 2-D works of
art. Here you would find many. If you need more names I can suggest more.

There has also recently been held an exhibition in Los Angeles in 2004
entitled The View from Here. That is perhaps closer to you.

Lydia Takeshita  Executive Director  LA Artcore  120 Judge John Aiso
Street  Los Angeles, CA 90012  (213) 617-3274 Voice (213) 617-0303 Fax 
Christine Leahey  Guest Curator  c/o LA Artcore 120 Judge John Aiso Street
 Los Angeles, CA 90012  (213) 617-3274 Voice  (213) 617-0303 Fax  (714)
679-8340 Cell  cleahey1@xxxxxxxxx
If you wish I can forward your request to the Art Education for the Blind
organization email lists. Or contact them directly 
A wonderful organization. Their site is filled with resources.

Good luck,
Lisa Yayla
AccessibleImage list administrator

accessibleimage@xxxxxxxxxxxxx skriver:
>Hello Listers:
>I've been reading the list for a few months now, and what a wealth of 
>information you guys have shared back and fourth.  This is great.
>I am Chair of our City of Pasadena's Accessibility & Disability 
>Commission and do other things within the city on a volunteer basis 
>here in California.
>I'm working on a steering committee for a community conversation 
>conference we are putting on in August.  
>I would like to know if there are any artists...that may be willing 
>to allow us to display their work at our conference.  I think it 
>would be a wonderful opportunity for artists with disabilities to 
>show their artwork...
>The catch is that we really don't have budget so we can't afford to 
>pay, or ship.  This is truly the down side, but again, we are 
>expecting around 200 people, and city officials...and hopefully a 
>Senator, Assembly person or two...and it would be great advertising 
>for up and coming artists with disabilities.
>For more details, please contact me via email or cell number...
>We are in the beginnings of how this is to work out, and the steering 
>committee would need to preview the work before it is accepted.
>Thank you in advance,
>Donna Pomerantz
>Home email  dmpomerantz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Cell number  626-233-2991
>Work email  dxpomerantz@xxxxxxxxxxxx   
>Work phone  626-585-3174  

Lisa Yayla
Huseby Kompetansesenter 
Oslo Norway

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