[accessibleimage] Re: SV: Re: embossing tactel images?

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No, not directly. I don't mess with it at all anymore. Much of the 
functionality is inaccessible, and there is very little to no help 
documentation. That is why I created a converter whose output SIG files I can 
simply import into DBT and emboss. The SVGToSIG converter also has a display 
feature for sighted users and the as yet unpublished version contains a 
sonification feature for blind users. Admittedly I am a bit overwhelmed by 
precal and physics II at the moment so haven't had time to make improvements.
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  Hi Amanda,

  Have you ever tried using Quicktac to emboss the sig files from? 



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  Hi Ibraam,

  Since you are using Duxbury to import the SIG files, I wanted to make sure 
you knew the steps.

  In Duxbury, open a new empty Braille file. Do not try to open the SIG file 
directly and then emboss it. I've tried it. Instead, once you have the empty 
file open, hit alt to get to the menus. Hit 'l' for layout, 'p' for picture, 
then hit enter on the add dialog. Open one of the test SIG files and emboss.
  Please let us know whether or not it works and how we can help. I am totally 
blind as well.
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    Subject: [accessibleimage] Re: embossing tactel images?

    hello my dear Richard
    yes I've duxbery 10.4 and winbraille and I think both support sig format
    I've a standard images .jpg.
    hope you or any friend here can help me to carry this task, am totally 
blind man.
    you are welcome to contact me off list if you like.


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      If someone can establish that it is possible to emboss images on your 
embosser using Duxbury sig files as input, and your images are in a standard 
bitmap format such as jpg or bmp, Amanda and I can provide software to help you 
with the embossing. 

      Dick Baldwin

      On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 10:39 AM, Ibraam Wahib <ibraam.wahib@xxxxxxxxx> 

        hello sirs
        I'm a blind man, I've a project and hope you help me in..
        I've some science pictures want to produce a tactile images for them to 
emboss it with Braille book for school's students.
        I have Everest embosser.
        what're the program help me to make this?
        and any advices will be highly appreciated.


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