[accessibleimage] Re: SV: Re: Tiger .prn file to .pdf question

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Hi John,

You are right, it is not difficult to make a screen copy, it's just that I have got hundreds and hundreds of images that I would like to make into pdfs. It's for people that want to see what we have in stock and don't have a TigerViewer. Perhaps might start making screen copies of new images but left with
a backlog of earlier pictures.


Den 03.03.2012 22:40, skrev John Gardner:

Hi Lisa, well I can't find any other way to get the dot pattern. Other software is being developed that might do it, but this is not something that is needed by many users.

I'm curious though, why is it difficult to make a screen copy. One key stroke to copy, another to open some file, a third to paste in the image, and a fourth to save, print, or whatever.


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Hi John,

Thanks. Is there perhaps another way? Have got lots of images and taking screen copies of them all would take a very long.

Thanks a lot.



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Hi Lisa, a quick and dirty way to do this is to do a screen copy, then paste the image into something that can be viewed by others. Screen resolution is good enough for this image.

John Gardner

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*Subject:* [accessibleimage] Tiger .prn file to .pdf question


Does anyone know if it is possible to convert a Tiger .prn file to a .pdf?

If it is possible then those without a TigerViewer would be able to view

the pdf. One idea, that I read, is to change the prn file to ps and then open in Acrobat.

This did not work

Or any ideas how one can make the .prn file visually available besides TigerViewer or




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