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Hi Bob,

Thanks, great answer. That reliefs could be thought of as intermediate shapes 
was really interesting.

Thanks loads for the link to From Tactile Picture Books to Tactile Graphics.

Looks like a great read.



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I’m glad you’ve raised this question. Lisa.  In some contexts it probably 
doesn’t matter much but I think  there are situations where it is best to keep 
the terms “relief” and “tactile graphics separate. While helping congenitally 
blind children to understand (“read”) tactile DRAWINGS of objects I tend to 
use, whenever possible, flat shapes representing those objects (in addition to 
real objects or models). The flat shapes, or reliefs work then as intermediate 
shapes between 3-D objects and tactile drawings (more about it  in an article 
“From Tactile Picture Books to Tactile Graphics” pp.85 - 100   

Tactile drawings produced on swell paper, embossing film  or using silk screen 
or thermographic printing are probably the closest one can get to 2-D drawings. 
Another important reason why the terms should be kept apart is that tactile 
graphics uses the same “sighted conventions”  for representing 3-D objects as 
those used in “ordinary” drawings for sighted users (for example, that a table 
can be represented by three lines: one for the edge of the table top and two 
for the legs (cf. http://www.hungryfingers.com/transfograph.html )

 I don’t think that reliefs use such conventions to the same extent – they are 
just “flat sculptures” carved or molded on flat surfaces. Thermoformed images 
are more like reliefs than tactile graphics.
I suppose that “raised images” may  be a good way to refer to both reliefs and 
tactile graphics but I’ll be happy to hear other opinions.
Boguslaw ‘Bob’ Marek

W dniu 20.01.2012 14:24, Lisa Yayla napisał(a):

Again I am calling to the collective knowledge and wisdom of this group. My 
question is about what to call a tactile graphic. Hmm, you think, strange 
question after all these years and shouldn’t the questioner know better?

Ok, here are the questions – is the term “tactile graphic” better than the term 
“relief graphic” ? Is the term “haptic graphic” better than both? Or does it 
not make much difference?

By saying tactile one gives the idea that the graphic is to be touched, but 
saying relief, doesn’t necessarily. Haptic perhaps gives the additional 
information that there should be movement to gain information – that is the 
hand should move over the graphic.

Like to hear what you think.



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