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Hi Adriana,

I design maps, illustrations, etc. I use both swell and embossers to make
them (other medias also). I use TGD, mostly with Versapoint. Have used it
with Juliet and am trying to use also the Index. Believe it works only on
the Everest (but not completly sure, perhaps other Index embossers also).
Ours is trying to "recover".  I know that you can Use Braillo's comet with
QikTac, but haven't tried it yet. 
It is pretty easy to use the TGD software. If you have a bmp file you
import it to TraceMe and then convert it to embosser type. There you
change it as you like, by adding/subtracting dots, adding text. The result
is a .sig file. 
You definitely will succeed with making maps with it. However it also
depends  upon what you wish to produce. I have made mobility maps,  maps
over countries etc with it. The results will be different than when using
svell paper and not as defined as with a Tiger, but I think it is a
valuable tool. 
Perhaps, you could also say it is a good tool to start off with. It sort
of restricts you in how much you can add to a graphic - and this is
perhaps an advantage for one starting out making graphics for VI.  
Often I combine swell graphics with brailler embossed graphics, that is, I
will include two illustrations trying to use the strong sides of both. 
That is for example one can make a "simpler" design with Qiktac and a more
"complicated" one with swell.  
With the Index you also have the possibility of first printing out text,
image  on a printer then putting it through it through the Index. The
result is embossed  image with printed image/ text under. Have only done
this a little, as I  mentioned our Index is recuperating (it is pretty
Hope this helps.  

accessibleimage@xxxxxxxxxxxxx skriver:
>Thanks for your answer!
>Here means on the list.
>I'm trying to do maps with the TGD and Index or Braillo printer. I don't
>know if I will have success but I'm trying. Do you know something about
>this technology?
>Thanks again,
>Adriana Aizenstein
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>Not sure what you mean by here - where you live or on the list?
>I work with tactile maps and graphics.  See my web site
>There are some links to other producers - The National Centre for 
>Tactile Graphics UK and to a set of guidelines for producing maps by 
>vacuum forming written by myself and Chris Perkins.
>I am sure you will get lots of information via the list.
>Best wishes
>Ann Gardiner
>>I want to know who is working with maps for blind people here? Or if 
>>somebody knows where I can find the best technology to do it?
>>Adriana Aizenstein
>Ann Gardiner
>tel:01928 733040

Lisa Yayla
Huseby Kompetansesenter 
Oslo Norway

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