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  • From: "Lisa Yayla" <lisa.yayla@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: accessibleimage@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 16:06:02 +0100

Hi Chris,
Yes I'm pretty sure the list is constrained to plain text, but then I have
been wrong before. I thought text would keep it most accessible. I 'll
check it out. That's really neat about Jaws changing languages. I could
have edited the mail, but was lazy. Also very neat about the Klingon. How
many languages does Jaws come with? Can it swith from Italian to Norwegian
or does one have to install a new one for each language?

accessibleimage@xxxxxxxxxxxxx skriver:
>Does this mailing list support html messages or we constrained to plain
>text?  While I can't get to this conference, I found it very interesting.
>Those of us who read using JAWS can have the synthesizer change language
>rules (from US English to Italian in my case reading this example if it
>in html).  I'm not terribly multi-lingual but I can, in many European
>languages, glean the general meaning of text if it is pronounced
>properly.  Thus, if you had sent an html message, we JAWS users would have
>the html language tag tell JAWS to switch from the English to the Italian
>synthesizer and back when it returned to English.
>This is a pretty cool feature which isn't too popular among Americans who
>think the world ends at our borders and that, even while traveling that
>people shouldn't talk foreign to them but our Canadian, European and Asian
>friends all seem to love it.  In this case, it isn't much of a real
>accessibility issue as the English was also provided but it is kind of fun
>when the synthesizer starts speaking with the proper accent and
>pronunciation rules.  Once, for fun, we worked with the guys at what was
>then Eloquent Technologies (it has been acquired by SpeechWorks which was
>later acquired by ScanSoft who, last year, changed their name to Nuance),
>create a set of Klingon rules.  Our beta testers yelled that we were
>time and that it was too silly to include in a very serious product like
>JAWS so we dropped it.  Some blinks have no sense of humor.
>Anyway, just a little tid bit of interest from the ancient land of
>uni-dimensional, one syllable at a time, G2 access technologies. 
>Have fun,

Lisa Yayla
Huseby Kompetansesenter 
Oslo Norway

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