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        Hi Joe.          This is a pretty difficult problem that has only
very incomplete solutions to my knowledge.  In principle, you can use Visio
to create such diagrams.  I have never used Visio myself but am told that
you can create the logical structure and have the application then create
the actual drawing for you.  I had some conversations with a very nice Visio
person a few years ago but cannot find her name or contact info.  If this is
an interesting posibility to you, e-mail me, and I'll ping somebody who can
find it for you.  Maybe somebody else on this list is aware of other blind
people who have tried to use Visio or who have enough experience with that
application to know what's possible.  Once you have the Visio diagram, you
can import into IVEO or set Visio fonts to Tiger and get really accessible
diagrams, but my guess is that the learning curve will be pretty steep.  

GWMicro just posted a note about a new addition to their  knowledge base
about drawing with Window-Eyes and PowerPoint. I have only just skimmed this
article, but it sounds interesting.  Jaws has PowerPoint access too, so the
method will probably work with both.  Might have a look.


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Hi Judy;
Hi Folks!  Can someone help Joe?  If so, please reply to him directly! 

>>> "Joe Renzi" <renzi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 11/14/06 3:09 PM >>>

I am a blind student at SDSU taking a logic design course.  I would like to
know if there is a program in which I could put a circle on a page, put
another circle on a page, connect them with an arrow and Braille label the
connecting line and inside the circle?  Then I would emboss this on my Tiger
Pro Braille Graphics Printer. I have Iveo and it doesn't let me draw
standard shapes and label them in Braille.  The connecting lines would be at
weird angles and major diagonals.  These angles depend on how the circuit
changes based on inputs and previous states.  I could do a representation on
a Braille writer if connection lines were simply vertical or horizontal.  It
is these diagonal connections which muddy the waters.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Joe Renzi

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