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>>> "Joe Renzi" <renzi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 12/05/06 11:45 AM >>>
Hi Judy;
Hi Folks!  Can someone help Joe?  If so, please reply to him directly! 

>>> "Joe Renzi" <renzi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 11/14/06 3:09 PM >>>

I am a blind student at SDSU taking a logic design course.  I would
like to know if there is a program in which I could put a circle on a
page, put
another circle on a page, connect them with an arrow and Braille label
the connecting line and inside the circle?  Then I would emboss this on
Tiger Pro Braille Graphics Printer. I have Iveo and it doesn't let me
draw standard shapes and label them in Braille.  The connecting lines
be at weird angles and major diagonals.  These angles depend on how the
circuit changes based on inputs and previous states.  I could do a
representation on a Braille writer if connection lines were simply
vertical or horizontal.  It is these diagonal connections which muddy
the waters.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Joe Renzi

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