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  • Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 13:42:10 -0400 (EDT)

Has anyone successfully used the Mac VoiceOver for the vision impaired?? 
It will talk, but will allow the blind to navigate??

 what's tvi?  also, are they considering the mac?  It seems to me that
> if they are aiming at chemistry and probably going to hit the high
> school level, they'll want to consider it strongly because it is
> likely that with the advent of the most recent release of os x with
> VoiceOver built in, it is going to be highly likely that this
> platform once again becomes viable for the blind and visually impaired.
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> Jonnie Apple Seed
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> From: Karyl Loux [mailto:karyl@xxxxxxxxxxx]
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> To: karylloux
> Subject: an important survery
> Hello there (this is going to a group by blind copy);
>      I am pasting a message below from a product developer that has
> developed
> one of the coolest tools for tutoring students in primarily chemistry,
> but
> it does also have some math components.  I would like to suggest that
> you go
> to the web site identified after his signature and check this thing out.
> It
> is amazing, and I saw him present on it at a math conference in
> Maryland.
> The idea behind it is to have a tutor that will always be there to help
> the
> student, even when a parent isn't home (or isn't clever enough) to do
> so.
> Anyway, he has put a lot of effort into making this tutor fully
> accessible
> to the blind, and for that I would like to make sure that the blindness
> community supports him by giving him the feedback he needs.  He will use
> our
> feedback to continue to improve his product for our population.
> Further, it
> will make it more likely that he will be able to solicit funding sources
> to
> support his efforts to continue with the development.  I certainly put
> into
> my survey that we need more maths, and asked him about it.  He told me
> that
> it will be in his plans for the future if the project can remain viable.
>      I would like to ask that you please check out the product and
> respond to
> his survey.  It won't take you much time and I think you will find it as
> exciting and interesting as I do.  Also, if you could forward my request
> to
> any TVIs you may know I would appreciate it.  The more responses he gets
> the
> more likely this and all of his future developments will be available
> for
> our visually impaired students too.
> Karyl Loux
> -------Original Message----------------------
> Hi Karyl,
> Thanks for contacting me, and I certainly appreciate you telling people
> about our product.  We are progressing very well with making the
> chemistry
> tutor module I showed at the GAMA summit accessible with JAWS - our
> prototype is already highly usable....
> Am I correct that you have a TVI background?  If so, would you mind
> completing a survey we're issuing as part of our NIH-funded project on
> accessibility?  The survey is at
> http://www.quantumsimulations.com/accessibility_survey.html.  If you
> have
> the time to provide this information, I'd certainly appreciate it.
> We certainly intend to develop accessible AI tutors for more math topics
> as
> time goes on; it's just a matter of raising the funding to support the
> research, which I feel confident we can do.
> Benny G. Johnson, Ph.D.
> President
> Quantum Simulations, Inc.
> 5275 Sardis Road
> Murrysville, PA  15668
> Phone:  (724) 733-8603
> Fax:      (724) 325-2062
> Visit http://www.quantumsimulations.com/demo.html
> for a virtual demonstration of Quantum's AI tutoring software.

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