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Holiday show displays work by artists with disabilities

Very Special Arts of Texas is in the middle of their third annual arts show. 
The latest show began in November and will continue until January 6th

All of the art presented in the show is handmade by 23 Texas artists selected 
to show off their words. Each purchase made from the show will support artists 
with disabilities who are earning their living from the arts.

On artist, Karen Thomas lost all usable vision at age 15. Now, at age 42, she 
is getting ready for her first ever art show being put on by VSA 


A Blind Artist – Matthew 

In 1995, whilst serving in the British Army after completing a summer tour of 
Bosnia, I suffered from a serious accident. From this accident I received two 
blood clots to the center of my brain and from these blood clots I was in a 
coma for roughly ten weeks, and from this received a number of disabilities; 
classed as totally blind, but I can see a little, paralyzed down my right hand 
side, short term memory loss


website Mathew Rhodes

from website

... Now all I can see is the left hand half of a penny, nothing else. Lastly I 
am also paralysed down the right hand side of my body, from my eyes, to my 
toes! Because of my blindness I am part of a charity called "St Dunstan's" and 
this charity is for those who have served their country and are now blind. But, 
even though my eyesight is that badly damaged and my sight so small, I have 
found that I can paint, and paint very well!


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