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It would be the size of a braille page, a couple of mm thick, rolls up
to put in your briefcase or pocket but stiffens up when unrolled to
read, interfaces with mobile phones, PDA's, all computer platforms etc
for reading downloaded data and stored files on the run. It would have
good enough dot resolution to display tactile graphics, braille and Moon
at a large variety of depth resolutions.

It would also be an input device, touch sensitive, able to capture an
image drawn on it with some sort of stylus. It must also have some sort
of braille input ability ... maybe a mode where it turns into a 3-D
Perkins-like touch sensitive keypad.

Basically a multi-function, light, portable, foldable, input-output

Well the operative word was DREAM!!!!


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Don't know if this is a futile exercise but thought  it  would  be  an 
idea  to put forward  -  perhaps not real practical 
The question is if we could build a machine for making tactile graphics 
how would it be? What would it do? What would be in it? What would your 
dream machine be like? Produce great graphics and a cappuccino at the 
same time? 
Some of mine are that it would be cheap, anyones grandmother could use 
it and everyone in the whole world could get one, solar powered would be

What would you like?

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