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Passing along news of articles brought to my attention by our excellent
The latest version Danish periodical Synshandicap is on line
includes a summery of the Tactile Graphics 2005 conference in Birmingham
a resume in English can also be read at 
[ http://www.nctd.org.uk/Conference/Conf2005/index.asp

Another article is about a Braille display being developed in Japan
link to the Japanese site in English
excerpt from the site follows
A Display for the Blind: When we think of computer assistance for the
blind, we may think of functions like synthesized speech and voice
recognition. But a research team led by Dr Takao Someya and Dr Takayasu
Sakurai from the University of Tokyo has developed a plastic sheet that
"displays" Braille lettering by creating arrays of bumps on its
rubber-like surface. They are driven by Braille input, such as from an
e-book. The sheet is bendable and carried in a pocket. Researchers first
built an underlying array of organic pentacene thin-film transistors
(TFTs) with top-contact geometry, on PEN or polyimide plastic substrates.
Then, actuators were fabricated from conductive polymer. When the
transistor beneath an actuator feeds voltage to it, the actuator moves
upward. Each actuator has a tiny bubble, or semisphere, attached to it,
which in turn pushes up against and deforms a spot on the surface film, a
thin PDMS film. These actuators are in 2x3 arrays that can form every
Braille letter. The entire 4x4 cm2 display can create a total of 24
Braille letters. This is the first reported integration of active-matrix
organic TFT arrays with plastic actuators, and it opens up great
possibilities for new types of large-area and flexible electronic displays.
plus an article about a landscape architect specialising in sensory gardens
Also a book that may be of interest  Seeing Spatial Form ed.Jenkin,
Harris, Oxford University Press 2006

Lisa Yayla
Huseby Kompetansesenter 
Oslo Norway

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