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You are clearly a very dangerous man, Chris :) Couldn't agree more with your approach, though. I'll listen with interest.


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ACB radio is online only so everyone can get the chance to hear my very
sexy, manly voice opine about matters of access technology.

The interview went well, I did my best to try to dispel some of the myths of
the AT industry so I probably won't be the most popular guy at ATIA this
year. My new stuff, however, intends to break the "ghetto" mentality of the
blindness world by making universal products for the mainstream that we
blinks can use just like anyone else.


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Forwarding this news. Hope the interview will be online.


The Desert Skies
Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Chris Hofstader coming up on Main Menu

By Jeff Bishop

Today I had the opportunity to interview Chris Hofstader for ACB Radio's
Main Menu. I seriously enjoyed the opportunity and I am sure you will want
to listen as he discusses many things about the AT industry as well as his
future plans with his web sites and software projects. That version of Main
Menu will be aired during the first week in January.

Published Wednesday, December 20, 2006 8:00 PM by Jeff Bishop


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