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Can you please give me your e-mail address so I can more easily send you a
message off list? thanks

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Hello to all list members I really appreciate your working with me yesterday
on this and for having to deal with all the reading of the test message.
Everything is back to normal and everyone can stop replying to the test
message I sent out yesterday.
If for some reason any member can't post to the list or gets a message
stating their post was bounced please email me privately so I can take care
of the issue.  In case that you do get a message stating your post was
bounced or not accepted please forward it to me so I can check the error it
notifies you of within the message and I can resolve the issue.
So far I have not added a footer to the bottom of the threads because I
wanted to take care of all issues that had to deal with your ability to post
first and since the majority of them have been fixed I will work on adding
the important info you may need now.
Now for all of you who were on digest please go to and fix
your settings however you like when I transferred the members over it
doesn't mean your settings from google groups will transfer over as well and
now I will not go in by hand and fix everyone stuff like it was.  I am sure
we are all old enough in which we can take care of at least that much.
Everyone thanks again and I apologize for all the unnecessary traffic of
List admin
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