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  • From: Gordan Radić <razbijaci@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 22:58:21 +0200

3 finger swipe up or down clears the typed text no matter is it copied to clipboard or not. If it's already in clipboard it will remain there eventhough you clear it with from the app buffer. I supposed that it sends FB statuses or Tweets directly because Dragon Dictation has that feature also, you don't need FB app opened ad you don't need to hit the Post button in it. I read in the Help file that e-mail dot command allows you to have the recepients, subject field and text pre-pasted so I asume that Mail app opens byusing the e-mail dot command. There is also a few lines about sms dot command. If you just enter the ".sms" without specified recipient it will just open new message window with message text pre-pasted. I just wanted to clear those situations straight with someone who uses the full version because in the demo you can't do anything except Twitter and I don't use it xD.

Still, i didn't get one of my questions answered and that is what happens if you have more than one phone number or e-mail addresses associated to the same contact? Do you get action menu like in other apps, is message or e-mail sent to first number or address in the roll or you get the error message?

S poštovanjem
Gordan Radić

On 12.7.2013. 20:37, RobH! wrote:
3finger swipe down clears the buffer, and 2finger swipe right to undo or

FB and Tweets go direct,  Not tried calendar,  and not used the sms and
email often enough not to have had to interact with it first before clicking
send.  But that's me, still a novice with it.

I think the basic rule is - if it's unambiguous enough, it'll just do it.

We need one of the experts here to answer that more thoroughly really, and
I'd be interested to know too.

But it's still worth it, for the grade2 brl and editing.

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I plan to purchase mBraille but before I do so I have a couple of
questions which are not answered in the Help file.
1. When using dot commands for sending SMS or e-mail messages what
happens if the contact you specify in the dot command has more numbers
or more e-mail addresses under the same name?
2. Is sending dot commands absolutely direct or you have to confirm it
through associated app? For example, if I write SMS and want to send it
via dot command to John will the Messages app screen appear and will I
have to tap the Send button on it or will it be send directly without
Messages app screen? The same question goes for e-mails and FB status
3. Someone mentioned in AppStore comments that clearing the clipboard is
complicated. How do you do that?
Thanks for your answers!
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