[accessible-android] E-mail signatures on samsung galaxy S3 and S4 differences

  • From: "Jan Kleinhans" <jhkleinhans@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <accessible-android@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 08:25:13 +0200


I have an interesting observation made by my son, and wonder if anybody has 
answers to this.  

My son uses a galaxy s3 in the corporate situation along with fellow staff 
members using the galaxy S4.  They use the default Samsung e-mail client on 
both devices.  He wanted to add their company signature to the email, which is 
synchronized with ms outlook.  In the case of the S3, there was no problem, as 
he could add the image and what ever is written in the signature.  The S4 was a 
different story.  When trying to add the same signature, a message came up 
stating "maximum amount of characters exceeded."  Now, has anybody any ideas 
why this might be the case?  It seems to be the same client, and yet the newer 
phone can not handle the same size signature.  They were rather disappointed 
with this.  Would this be the famous thing of "newer is not always better?"  
They have not tried any other e-mail apps as yet, as there are no problems 
using the default client on the phone.  Interesting enough, one of them has the 
galaxy s3 mini, and the signature is also limited on this particular model.  
Any ideas on this subject?


Jan Kleinhans

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