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Outlook is a program you have to pay for and it has lots of features that
are not necessary in an e-mail program.  It is an e-mail and business
program.  I'm not familiar with the new layout for Windows Live Mail. 
It's a release that doesn't run in XP so I can't try it.  But it is at
least somewhat different than older versions, at least in part because it
uses ribbons.  Ribbons are not difficult to learn, but I don't know what 
tutorials may be available to teach the newer version of Windows Live
Mail.  Another alternative is Thunderbird.  It isn't that much different
from Outlook Express if you know how to work with it and get to the places
where you want to work.

Causing Windows Mail, not Windows Live Mail, to run on a Windows 7
computer requires a change to the registry and may require other changes I
am not aware of.  Also, according to what I've seen on another list and in
Internet discussion forums, the changes appear to result in Windows 7
Service Pack 1 not being able to be installed.  I don't know whether the
changes can be undone and whether you can then install the servoice pack
or if Windows needs to be completely reinstalled.  I believe I've seen
contradictory information on that question.  And what about in the future?
 Will this have to be done for all new service packs? I am not saying that
Windows Mail should not be used.  I am saying that the implications should
be known.

The one thing I don't like about Thunderbird is the order in which it
displays headers.  It displays the subject line before other information
such as the sender. There is a way to change the order but it is not
accessible.  It requires using the drag and drop functions of the
Window-eyes mouse pointer.  I'm not sure if this can be done using JAWS. 
I've tried making the change with JAWS, using it's drag and drop functions
but was unsuccessful.  Or a sighted person can easily change the order in
which columns are presented.  I haven't used Thunderbird enough to be sure
if changing the order causes information to be read as conveniently as in
Outlook Express. But, thunderbird is certainly worth trying.

I did a presentation for Accessible World, in which the first part
describes the older version of Windows Live Mail.  There was no new
version when I did the presentation.  The second part describes
Thunderbird and demonstrates its main functions including setting up
accounts, selecting multiple addresses for messages, and a more minor
function, using autocomplete.
You can download the presentation at:
Look for the download link at the bottom of the page.

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> I have a friend who is trying to get her Windows 7 computer to work with
> Outlook Express. Is OE compatible with Windows 7? If not, then what
> program
> would you suggest? She hates webmail. So do I by the way. Thanks much!
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