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I went to the Apple Store because my plug in cable had worn out and i could not 
charge my battery. I was told I had a wait of 2 and one half hours before 
seeing a technician. i was told the best way is to make an appointment on the 
website by going to:     www.apple.com/ and the location of your nearest apple 
The problem is that it is often hard to get a ride. paratransit often comes 
late and if i book a friend, i must have them on the phone while making an 
In the    old days one could walk into Apple and receive help in 20 minutes or 
Times they are a changin.
Bob Acostaana,
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      Be careful before you update to IOS 7.3. I received a post, which I don’t 
have any more, about someone having trouble with it, well, so did I. First. 
when I tried to unlock my phone, it wouldn’t go from the home screen into any 
apps. The only thing it would let me do was to install the update. Then it 
demanded a password, which because of the number and letter switching and my 
inability to doublecheck what was there without my keyboard, I couldn’t do. It 
had an ignore password choice. Unwillingly, I took it. After all, I couldn’t 
get my phone to do anything else. Nothing at all! There were more prompts, 
mostly about iCloud and keychain, most of which I wasn’t sure about, but didn’t 
have any choice. Now my phone is silent, and a sighted told me the screen is 
blank. Plugged and unplugged in the power cable. Nothing. When you power it off 
and on with the button, you have to get the number of seconds right, and there 
is no way to be exact. Usually, plugging it in gets it turned on, but this 
thing is dead in the water. 
  Be careful downloading this update. If your phone won’t let you do anything 
else, run screaming and yelling for sighted help. 
  Am without a car, now, so will be days before I can get it to someone. Those 
of you who have our tried and trues, like Stream and Sense, treasure them! I 
repeat. Treasure Them!

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