[accesscomp] Re: question about voting and elections? (blind related)

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The last time, which was about 1 year ago, I voted at a polling place here in Austin, TX, I called my county voters registration office to make sure they had voting machines that are accessible. They had them and what it was is a desk top machine that had several buttons and one rotating dial. The buttons were enter, reset, next and I believe that may have been it. After selecting the enter button the first time, a voice came over the headphones and explained how the machine worked. It brought me to each selection on the ballot and by rotating the dial, I was able to select either the person I was voting for or I was able to indicate yes or no on the issue on the ballot. When completed with my voting the machine then recapped the selections I made and offered me the chance to submit the selections or make changes. The machine worked better than I thought.

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This is probably a n00by question but I've never run in to this before and it just came up in a conversation.

I've always had a family friend in the booth with me during the election to assist with the voting process. This year I'm not going to have that option. What's the best way for me to vote as independently as possible. Should I just have someone help me fill out ahead of time and vote via mail or is there assistance at the polling place or what's the process? Any pointers would be appreciated.


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