[accesscomp] Re: problem with sound not coming from headphones

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  • Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 07:52:06 -0600

It should also be pointed out that your speakers may have an earphone jack
built into the speakers somewhere.  This may not be obvious and you may
need a sighted person to look for the Jack on the speakers.  I've seen
such jacks that fit standard headphone plugs that feel nothing like what
you would expect and that you would not  be aware of unless a sighted
person found them.  If such a jack exists, then you don't have to purchase
a cable with volume controls or a switch box.  You can just plug the
headphones into the speakers and set the volume using the speaker's own
volume control. You leave the speakers attached to the computer and the
headphones get their sound by being attached to the speakers.

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Sent: Monday, January 24, 2011 8:55 PM
> A dialog does not come up when I connect my headphones. I am using
> standard
> headphones that connect to a headphone jack. When I plug my headphones in
> to
> the headphone jack on my computer Window-Eyes and other audio keeps coming
> from the computer speakers not the headphones. My computer speakers do not
> have a headphone jack. Is it possible that USB headphones would work
> better?
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>> Some sound cards bring up a dialog when you connect headphones asking if
>> you want to switch audio to them.  If you are sure you are using the
>> correct jack, a bit after plugging in the headphones, see if you are now
>> in a dialog and, if not, alt tab through all opened windows to see if
>> you
>> move to a dialog giving you the choice to change audio to the
>> headphones.
>> I don't know how common this feature is and I think it's a ridiculous
>> completely unnecessary one but some sound cards won't play audio through
>> headphones until you work with the dialog every time you plug in the
>> headphones.  I don't know if this occurs with USB headphones.  I'm
>> speaking about the old fashioned headphones you just plug into a
>> standard
>> headphone jack on any appliance, radios, tape recorders, walkmans, etc.
>> that provide such jacks.
>> And if no such dialog comes up, make sure that you are using the correct
>> jack.  Unless you are sure, beyond any doubt, either have a sighted
>> person
>> tell you which hjack is the correct one to use or try every available
>> jack
>> yourself while the audio is playing.  And this may mean unplugging the
>> speakers and plugging the headphones into the sound card jack for
>> speakers. You may find a jack on the computer case itself intended for
>> headphone use.  If that jack doesn't work, you may have, as I said, to
>> plug headphones into the speaker jack of the speakers.  If you do this,
>> don't have  the headphones on your ears when you plug them in and start
>> play.  Volume may be very, painfully loud if you plug headphones into
>> the
>> speaker jack without significantly lowering the sound card volume first.
>> Gene
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>> Sent: Friday, January 21, 2011 11:48 AM
>>> I tried connecting some headphones to my computer but Window-Eyes and
>>> other audio will not come threw the headphones. Does anyone know what
>>> might possibly be the problem? Thanks in advance for any help.

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