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Marking Your Internet Turf 

The internet is a seemingly unlimited source of information  and it keeps 
growing every day.  So when you're on the internet, and you finally find 
something useful that you might want to come back to, how do you mark the spot? 
 Well here's how to get a Favorites List going in Microsoft Internet Explorer:

How to put a website on your Favorites List:

  1)      Go to the webpage that you want to put on your favorites list.  In 
this example I'm going to use this website:  

  2.  sing a mouse, Click the Favorites button on the toolbar.

  From the keyboard, press alt plus the letter a.

  3.        Sing a mouse, Click the "Add" button.  Sing a keyboard, press enter 
on the h ighlighted icon of "add to favorites."  


  4.  If using a screenreader, read ghe current line.  If yu do not like the 
name given to the website, type in a new one.  The same thing can be done if 
you are a mouse user.

  You don't have to change the name.

  5.  Click ok if using a mouse or just press enter if using the keyboard.  The 
favorite is now added to the list of favorites.  

  6.  Now if using a keyboard, you can press alt plus the letter a followed by 
the first letter of that a site on Favorites followed by enter.  If there is 
only one site with the letter  you pressed, Internet Explorer will 
automatically go to that page.

  If using a mouse, just click on favorites and then the site you wish to visit 
in the favorites.

  Have a great day!!

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