[accesscomp] Re: a windows vista inquirey

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  • Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 20:33:26 -0400

I don't think vista has a hide inactive dialog box?
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Subject: [accesscomp] Re: a windows vista inquirey

Hello there;

give these steps a try.

Putting icons back into the SystemTray.

Here are some steps I wrote quite a while ago, regarding this topic to

another list.

1, start menu;

2, setting/control panel;

3, t= taskbar and start menu, press enter.

If your using Xp, you just need to tab until you hear,

hide inactive icons, the box should be unchecked, so press spacebar to check

this box.

you will now see customize dialog button. The next 3 steps are for vista


4, shift tab one time, you should hear,

taskbar tab.

5, right arrow until you hear;

Notification area tab.

6, tab one time you should hear;

Hide inactive icons this is unchecked, press spacebar to check.

7, tab enter on,

Icons customize....

8, now, down arrow until you hear/see an icon which you want to hide.

right arrow, a combo box will open,

down arrow to always hide.

9, now tab, and enter on okay.

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Subject: [accesscomp] a windows vista inquirey

Hello. I'm away from home and I'm helping a friend hide icons from her system tray in vista. How is this accomplished? I left my notes at home in BC while we're in Florida.

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