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What are you upgrading to?

Is openbook any good?

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Greetings list members:

I am wishing to sell my license of Open Book 7.0 for $400. I will send an
e-mail to Freedom Scientific's Custormer Service Orders department stating
my intent to transfer my license of the product. I recently did this when I
sold Jaws so I know that a written letter is not required. The purchaser
will then need to pay $75 for the license transfer fee plus $150 to upgrade
the product to the current version. It is not possible for me to transfer
the license without upgrading to the current version so the purchaser might as well pay for both the license transfer and the upgrade at the same time.
The original cost of version 8.0 is $995. The cost of the product if
purchased from me plus the additional costs of transfering the license and
paying for the upgrade will come to $625. You are still saving $370 off the
original price. There will be no need for me to ship any CD's as you must
have the current upgrade anyway and Freedom Scientific will send that when
you purchas the upgrade. I will certainly e-mail you the serial number of
the product when it is purchased from me so you will have it for reference.
I do not know if it is possible to convert the downloadable 8.0 demo to an
active copy before your CD arrives. You can call Freedom Scientific at
800-444-4443 to verify that everything I have suggested above wil in fact be acceptable to them.If you would like to discuss this furtherwith me , please
contact me off list at:

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